Find out the secrets I learned creating & launching brands featured on Oprah, QVC, Nordstrom, and other major retailers!

Do you dream about launching your own Beauty Brand? 

Do you have the determination and the drive to get started, but lack the guidance and direction to do it right?
Do you have a FABULOUS idea, but you have no idea how to get started?    

Sometimes it all just feels so overwhelming and out of reach!    

It can be a struggle to find the answers and support you really need to be successful.

I hear you, I've been there
and I get it.
Introducing the 
Beauty Brand Bootcamp

Beauty Brand Bootcamp is an on-demand, at your own pace, 8-Module course that will allow you to stop dreaming about your business and move toward a launch date and a successful beauty brand.

(To be clear, beauty encompasses hair care, skincare, make up, nail polish, and anything else that is in the Health and Beauty Category). 

This course is right for you if:

You are ready to create your own beauty line, but you need some guidance to get started.
You can’t find the right manufacturer, or you’re not sure on which one to choose for your particular brand. 
You want to learn how to design a label that is both beautiful and compliant with the FDA.

Beauty Brand Bootcamp is an intensive course that covers the key components needed to build a strong foundation for a beauty business. It will teach you how to create your product in the most cost-effective way within the shortest possible time frame. It will walk you through all the steps so you can implement them straight away. 

Sounds pretty good, right? 

Meet Your Bootcamp Coach!
Melody Bockelman
Founder of   

After 10 years of working in the private label industry, I decided that it was time for ALL size business should have a chance at getting their products developed. I’m sharing all my insider secrets with people who have a dream, an idea and courage but just need some help getting the product from concept to production.

My track record includes brands on QVC, HSN, large retailers and grocery store chains. 

I’ve also worked on product development for projects with NASA technology (that was cool).

Aside from managing others’ brands I have successfully run 2 e-commerce websites and in 2008 one of our products was featured on Oprah! 

I’ve helped beauty entrepreneurs build product lines for over 15 years! 

You might be hesitating and wondering if this course is right for you. And you’re smart to be cautious. You work hard for your money, and you want to make sure that it’s going toward something that will provide concrete steps to help you succeed. Here is what makes Beauty Brand Bootcamp different from other online beauty courses. 


This course is on-demand, so you can go through the course at your own pace. You can go as fast or as slow as you want. 


If you have questions, comments, or concerns, you can reach out on the BBB Facebook group. We will answer and respond to all questions left in the Facebook group the same day. We also offer weekly office hour calls to get your questions answered live.   


I have helped beauty brands create lines for the past 15 years. I can create a line in my sleep (but I wouldn’t because that would be messy). Some of my clients have been featured on HSN, QVC, EVINE, and all over the internet. This is what I do. I have lots of knowledge about product development, beauty branding, and growing a beauty line. I’ve even had my own e-commerce business and have been an active Amazon seller for the past 14 years. 


The group size is restricted, so that I can give 100% of my attention to business owners who are SERIOUS about creating a product line. I am committed to supporting you to achieve the success and business that you deserve.


I know that starting a business is tough. Money is tight, and you feel like you’re watching every dime. I’m here to help. I want to make sure the money you spend will help move your business forward. If you are in the early stages of creating a product and a brand, this will be one of the most valuable investments you make into yourself and your future company.

Launch Your Brand
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Class Schedule

Module 1: Master Planning  

Module 2: Branding Foundation: How to Build a Strong Beauty Brand    

Module 3: Product Selection and Offerings    

Module 4: Artwork & Packaging Selection   

Module 5: Money, Money, Money   

Module 6: Sales & Marketing: Crafting a Digital
Marketing Plan   

Module 7: Sales & Marketing: Crafting a Sales Strategy  
Module 8: The Art of the Launch

What You'll Get In The Bootcamp
Lifetime access to all of the training lessons and resources so you can revisit them at any time.
Bonus: 3 months of free access to the Beauty Entrepreneur Inner Circle + Mastermind
Action sheets, budgets, launching guide and step-by-step directions to build a successful and viable beauty brand

Bonus: My highly detailed recommended manufacturer’s guide 
Access to a private Facebook group where you can post questions for me to answer as we go along
Bonus: My graphic artist recommendations that specialize in beauty packaging
Training will be delivered via video. You will also receive downloadable resources like checklists and budgets. Additionally, you’ll have exclusive access to a private Facebook group and lifelong access to resources so you can revisit them at any time that’s convenient for you and your business launch schedule.
What Does The
Beauty Brand Bootcamp Cover?
The Beauty Brand Bootcamp is an 8-Week On-Demand course. Here's what you'll learn:
  • ​Discover why it's important to be clear on what makes you unique and learn how to translate that through your entire business.
  •  Create a brand board (and brand guidelines) which will make life easier when you start to outsource work or grow your business.
  •  Download a checklist to quickly drive more traffic and grow your business from your personal social media profiles (optional). 
  •  Build your brand's story. Every brand exist to tell a story and serve a segment of the marketplace. Your's is no different.
  •  Understand basic color psychology.
  • ​Planning your line and building the foundation. We will work together to create a road map specifically for your business and your desired goals.
  •  Sourcing and working with manufacturers for your beauty brand product line.
  •  Creating a detailed budget so you can plan all the necessary costs. This budget will include product creation, labels, any regulatory registrations, manufacturing, fulfillment, customer service, and reorders. Bring your calculators as this is will help you see exactly what it will take to bring your dream to fruition.
  •  Once we have created your brand on paper, we will then begin to price your products appropriately and with accuracy so you can KNOW what your profits will be, how much of a discount you can offer to wholesalers, and what the market can bear. 
  • ​Deciding which channels are best for your brand based on where your target market hangs out online and offline.
  • ​The basics of setting up an e-commerce store.
  • ​Setting up your email marketing campaign to increase conversions and profits.
  • ​Create an inventory tracking system to ensure 100% delivery.
  • ​Learn how to make sure to move away from a feeling of overwhelm and to gain clarity and structure in your systems.
  • ​Create a plan of action for growth.
What Are You Waiting For?
Beauty Brand Bootcamp 
Pay in Full $1997
Beauty Brand Bootcamp 
4 Payments of $499.25

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am just starting out and don’t have a clear vision for my business yet, can I still sign up for Beauty Brand Bootcamp?

Absolutely! In fact this is probably the best time to sign up when you are still in research mode. Most entrepreneurs waste so much time and money by re-inventing the wheel instead of getting direct guidance. This program will help you be clear about your plan whenever you are ready to launch your brand.

What level of support will I receive?

The Beauty Brand Bootcamp is dedicated to helping you succeed. The group sizes are limited so that I can work as closely as possible with each student. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive support via regular office hour webinars and the private Facebook group. As I always say, I am in your business and for your success 100%. 

When are the training calls and what happens if I miss one or have a conflict?

This is an on-demand course which means that all of the videos are already inside our member portal. You can access the training anytime and will have lifetime access to the course.
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